Mother Hopes Baby’s Co-Sleeping Death Will Be A Warning To Others

Mother Hopes Baby’s Co-Sleeping Death Will Be A Warning To Others

Jamaica Bravo

It’s a simple mistake every mother makes. You’ve recently given birth to a beautiful child and the idea of his or her body apart from yours seems agonizing. Laying your child down for sleep in your bed adds to bonding time, can help a baby sleep and even adds ease to breastfeeding. It seems innocent enough, but sometimes having your baby in bed with you while you sleep can have devastating and deadly consequences.

Baby Everett James’ death was preventable, but mother Angela made the tragic mistake she will regret forever. On May 16th, Angela went to bed with baby Everette only to be woken up by her husband, Ryan, who found the baby by her side, not breathing. Doctors say it’s not common but thousands of these deaths happen each year.

The solution? Just don’t take your child to bed with you. Simply lay them in their crib without any stuffed animals or pillows nearby.


Now Angela’s turning to social media in hopes to prevent other deaths like this from happening. “This will be the hardest thing for me to write in my life,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “But if it saves even one life, it is worth it.”

According to ABC 8 News, police are now investigating and awaiting a toxicology report to confirm Everett’s actual death.

Please keep this family in your prayers and SHARE the knowledge with others — it could save a life.