‘Predators’ Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Alarming Social Experiment

‘Predators’ Trick Teens Into Meeting Up In This Alarming Social Experiment

Angela Markus

If you haven’t heard of Coby Persin, you might have seen his videos. The popular YouTuber posts many videos, but he is particularly known to make social experiments on the dangers of social media. 

In a previous video, Coby posed as a 15-year-old boy talking to teenage girls with the permission of their parents. He then arranged for them to meet, but to the teens’ surprise, it was Coby and their parents, to teach them one very important lesson, You don’t ever really know who you are talking to online.

Here he creates familiar scenarios but this time, he switches the ruse and pretends to be a lovely young lady trying to meet up with boys.

This social experiment is truly scary. Even if you don’t have children, it’ll alarm you just know how easily people are influenced. 

Some may say that parents need to educate their children on the dangers out there, but from the looks of it, these parents thought they were doing just that.

Regardless, it is important to teach our kids about Internet safety. No one should share too much information, or assume that what they post will ever disappear.

Let this be an eye-opener for everyone to teach their children about the potential dangers of social media. 

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