Young Boy Uses Light From McDonalds To Do His Homework. The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart.

Young Boy Uses Light From McDonalds To Do His Homework. The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart.

Angela Markus

The following image is going to break your heart. Hopefully it also affects other emotions. Hopefully this image fosters the thinking of the greatness of your life. Many of us live with lingering feelings of self-centeredness, only complaining about what we do not have, and sometimes do not need.

But… there is a flipside to these images. They can arouse feelings of appreciation for the many things that we almost daily take for granted. Something as simple as light could be a huge want for someone in some part of the world. For me, I sat back and thought about how selfish I was, and how blessed I truly am.

Meet Daniel Cabrera, a homeless nine-year-old who borrows McDonald’s light every night to do his homework. The third-grader and his mother have been riddled with a series of unfortunate events. In his nine years, he has lost his father. Daniel’s father died in jail.



Daniel has also lost his house. After a fire, his house burnt and now Daniel and his mother are displaced. His mother earns a wage of 80 Philippine Pesos, the equivalent of $1.77 US dollars a day. They both share a tarp food stall, yet this remarkable little child is determined to complete his homework despite the challenges. He has one pencil and he sits on a makeshift bench to complete his work. Like you, my heart is breaking.

Joyce Torrefranca saw the heart-wrenching sight, took a couple of photos and posted it on social media.



Thanks to her efforts, the image went viral. People from all over the world have shared the photo. It has garnered substantial help and scholarships for Daniel and his mother, Christina. There are angels out there.
Count your blessings!

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