Little Girl Got Stuck In Arcade Game After Being Dared By Her Sister

Little Girl Got Stuck In Arcade Game After Being Dared By Her Sister

Erika Carter

Sometimes, older siblings really don’t know best. This is definitely one of those cases.

After being double dog dared (more important than a dare, but not as serious as a triple dog dare) by her older sister, Katy, six-year-old Juliette Grimes climbed into an arcade game in an effort to get a toy.

Unfortunately, the six-year-old became stuck — and we can only assume the older sister became grounded.

The two girls were at a pizza parlor with their parents in Frisco, Texas when they escaped their parents’ watchful eye and Katy dared Juliette to climb inside the arcade game and retrieve a toy. Of course, Juliette became stuck.




The parents had to call 911 and have firefighters remove Juliette — who was luckily unharmed — from the game.


The parents did, however, have a sense of humor about it and even snapped a few pics of Juliette looking sad while stuck in the giant glass box.


That being said, we’re sure the girls got a good talking to when they returned home! No more pizza parlors for those two.

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