Incredible Ball Performance By Daria Kondakova At The WC Montpellier 2011

Incredible Ball Performance By Daria Kondakova At The WC Montpellier 2011

Jamaica Bravo

What started out as a seemingly normal gymnastic routine, turned into a beautiful piece of imagery by gymnast Kondakova.

At first the routine is slow and serene and leaves you wondering where this performance will lead- will pick up or will stay at this same pace.? It’s  very pleasant surprise when the gymnast starts using the ball to create incredible visual effects. She shows her skill as a gymnast by many different spins, turns, flips and aerials. At one point the routine significantly picks up and both the audience and the judges are captivated!

All my previous doubts of the performance are no longer existent. The gymnast proves that she is very skilled and masterful in her craft. The music is a great accompaniment to the beautiful dance number. It is soft and melodious tones drew me in.

What adds to the beauty of this dance number is her costume. It’s gorgeous and gives a vibrant effect to the performance. The gold outfit combined with the gold ball gives the look and feel like the gymnast and ball are moving as one.

Daria Kondakova continues to wow the crowd with her agile flexibility and her excellent ball control. She uses the ball to create fluid lines and shapes all the while balancing the ball on her body. Shes does a series of intricate spins and turns whilst keeping the ball either in her hand or on her body.

It is easy to see why the judges and audience were stunned while viewing the amazing talent of this young gymnast. The performance is both pleasing to the eye and impressive given the level of skill and confidence this young gymnast possesses.

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