Dashcam Captures Batman Getting Pulled Over By The Cops!

Batman Meets Police

Dashcam Captures Batman Getting Pulled Over By The Cops!

Ashley Rego

When a cop car noticed an extravagant black Lamborghini drive by without any tags, up went a red flag. But there was something else that caught the attention of the police man – instead of a license plate stood the blaring “Batman” symbol.

On went the sirens and flashing lights and soon the alleged Batmobile pulled over to the side of the road.

To no surprise, when the police men approached the car, who else did he find inside except Batman himself! In search of his buried registration papers, Batman gets out of his vehicle to better scour the car, giving us a full body view of the man’s spot-on costume.

Obviously the police men are dying to know the story behind the man’s getup so, through muffled giggles and mocking comments, they ask him to explain.

Lenny, as it turns out, is Batman’s real name and is on his way to the local children’s hospital to spread some superhero happiness to the kids!

As you can imagine, the whole situation was pretty hilarious, and don’t worry, Batman was let off the hook!

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