Best Daughter Ever Starts Hashtag Trend To Help Her Mother Score Her Perfect Match

Best Daughter Ever Starts Hashtag Trend To Help Her Mother Score Her Perfect Match

Angela Markus

The dating scene can be quite depressing. Usually, it is a parent who tries to find suitable dates for their children. Here we have it the other way around. Kate Hoit thinks her mother deserves a night out so much that she’s taken matters into her own hands by launching a massive Twitter campaign to find Diane Hoit a date. The interesting part, Diane is still married to Kate’s father.

This dedicated daughter wants her mom to go out on a date because she hasn’t been on one in at least a decade due to a complicated marriage situation. Katie’s mom has had loneliness to contend with for quite some time. Her husband and Katie’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s roughly 10 years ago and now lives in 24-hour care facility according to Aplus.

Using the hashtag #DateDiane, Kate wrote Attention Twitter. I’m launching a campaign to get my mom a date in the next 48 hours in #Albany, NY. #DateDiane #please RT, in the first tweet.

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Kate, who is hoping to find her mother a date, is telling the world exactly why her mother is the perfect match on Twitter with a series of photos and videos. Being a caretaker of a sickly loved one can take its toll. The Iraq War vet thinks her mother deserves some companionship. We do too!

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It’s only a matter of time until this catch finds her perfect match! Sending you the best of luck!

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