His Daughter Was Viciously Bullied so Dad Took Action and Got Revenge Doing THIS

His Daughter Was Viciously Bullied so Dad Took Action and Got Revenge Doing THIS

Kendall Conners

Warning: This video contains extremely racist and explicit language.

Racism is something that the Knudson family of Prior Lake, Minnesota has dealt with for quite some time. Bradley Knudson and his wife Wendy have an adopted African American daughter and throughout the years have experienced racism in the form of sideways glances and snide remarks.

But in this video the father, Bradley Knudson, talks about how his daughter was recently the subject of bullying via Snap Chat, a video-messaging app. It was New Years Eve and his daughter and her friend were hanging out, taking selfies and chatting with their friends on Snap Chat, when they started to receive bully messages from their peers.

After receiving a few messages, the daughter’s friend decided to tell Mr. and Mrs. Knudson what was happening.

“Not only was it bullying, but it was also racism,” said Bradley Knudson. “When they got the fourth message from these kids, my wife and I decided to take out my phone and videotape it as it was happening.”

He then proceeds to show the snapchats that were sent, which were full of racial slurs, hate and verbal abuse. Obviously, this really upset Bradley so after seeing those snap chats he took action.

He contacted the parents of the kids that were bullying his daughter, as well as multiple other outlets, including the police. In the video he further explains the interaction he had with the parents of the bully kids and his reasoning for posting this video on social media.

Bullying is something that seems to be getting worse with every passing year and the invention of more and more social media. This dad stood up for his daughter and is trying to raise awareness to the types of bullying our kids are dealing with.

This video is rapidly going viral and it’s something that everyone should see. Whether you think what this father did was right or wrong, bullying is a major issue that affects much of our youth.

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