Watch As This Man Goes Underwater Deep Sea Fishing … With NO Air!

Watch As This Man Goes Underwater Deep Sea Fishing … With NO Air!

Kendall Conners

It is a simple deep sea fishing expedition, or so it seems. However, Solbin is not your average fisherman. Instead, he has dedicated himself to hunting deep sea fish — without scuba gear or oxygen.

As he prepares himself for a dive, Solbin wears nothing more than a simple pair of swim trunks. He holds nothing in his hands besides his fishing spear. He is calm, poised. Finally, with one last breath, he dives.

Quickly, Solbin descends 20 meters beneath the ocean’s surface. The pressure at this depth can have astonishing effects upon the human body. In Solbin’s case, it deflates his lungs. At this point, he can only hold a third of the air he began with.

The crushing pressure brings with it an unexpected perk: it holds Solbin in place, allowing him to walk along the ocean floor.

Now the hunt truly begins. Resisting the urge to gasp for air, Solbin focuses on finding his prey. He stalks the sea floor with his spear. His heart rate has slowed to only 30 beats per minute. He has been without air for one minute and forty-five seconds. Yet, he remains remarkably calm and determined.

Finally, he finds the object he has been looking for. With remarkable precision, he spears a large fish. Prize in hand, he begins his ascent. By the time he takes in his next breath, he has been underwater for nearly two and a half minutes.

Yet, for Solbin, this was not a challenging hunt. Two and a half minutes is barely half of what Solbin is capable of doing. He has been known to hold his breath for as long as five minutes. He is also capable of going much deeper, of pushing his body much harder.

He is an extraordinary example of the incredible power of the human body, as well as the determination of the human spirit. In truth, his story is an inspiration to us all.

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