Grandmother With Dementia Receives Heartfelt Gift

Grandmother With Dementia Receives Heartfelt Gift

Angela Markus

If you have a grandmother with dementia, what would be the perfect present for her? One woman has posted a heartfelt clip of her grandmother who suffers from dementia becoming overwhelmed with emotion by the present of a baby doll.

Maxine Daniel, captioned the video, “My Christmas gift to my lovely Nana Lilly (who sadly has dementia) was a Baby Annabell doll. Her reaction is a joy to see and melts my heart.”

Lilly was given the doll as a Christmas present and immediately takes the Baby Annabell Doll into her arms. Lilly can’t stop smiling and looks amazed at the doll as she cradles it gently while the doll makes gurgling and baby noises. The grandmother burps her, rocks her just like a real child, and wraps her up in a crocheted blanket to keep her warm.

In an interview with FEMAIL, Maxine said, “My nana, before dementia, was the most loving and caring person you could ever meet. She absolutely loved children. Her dementia was progressively getting worse to the point that she had forgotten most family members and her mannerisms became more childlike so I thought maybe a doll would help to keep her mind occupied.”

She also admits that she could not have asked for a better outcome. Lilly holds the doll up above her head then brings her in to kiss her on the forehead and her pure joy can be seen clearly on her face. The granddaughter said that her grandmother now has a sense of purpose as she sits and sings and talks to the baby doll.

What a wonderful present!

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