Dentist Accused Of Patient Abuse Finally Steps Down From Practice

Pediatric Dentist Hurts Kids

Dentist Accused Of Patient Abuse Finally Steps Down From Practice

Ashley Rego

If you heard agonizing screams coming from the room of your child’s dentist office, what would you do? This is the question one mother was faced with when she took her 6-year-old daughter to see 78-year-old Dr. Howard Schneider to have one tooth pulled.

On the day of the surgery, Brandi Motley was told she was not allowed to sit with her daughter during the procedure. As three long hours passed, Motley began to worry. 

“Finally, the nurse came and got me and she said there had been an incident,” Brandi Motley said. “[Bri’el] was hyperventilating. She had marks all over her, blood all over her.”

Unable to receive an explanation of what exactly happened int he operating room, Motley rushed her daughter to an emergency room. When Bri’el’s gauze was removed from her mouth, it was then discovered that Schneider had actually removed seven teeth, instead of the projected one. Bri’el conveyed to her mother that Schneider had repeatedly hit her and choked her – but when Motley called the police, no report was ever filed.


To her dismay, Motley turned to social media to spread awareness about her story, which quickly went viral, encouraging other parents to become vocal about their experience with Schneider and his abuse.

“Medicaid paid him per tooth,” attorney Gust Sarris said. “So, can I cap a tooth twice? Yes. Can I then pull it? Yes. Can I then successfully obtain benefits for all three? Absolutely.”

And so he did. MS News Now reports that Schneider has profited tremendously from Medicaid as state records prove he has received nearly $4 million in Medicaid reimbursements in just the last five years.


Angry parents have committed to daily protests outside his practice, emotions so strong that one livid mother went as far to attack the elderly doctor. While Schneider insists he has done nothing wrong, but has recently stepped down from his practice.

The video below is hard to watch as cellphone footage documents of one of Schneider’s dentistry procedures – a helpless child left to the hands of the alleged abuser. Motley explains her story in more detail, along with other former patients who also accuse Schneider of assault and battery.

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