A Woman Refreshes An Abandoned Home With Colorful Flowers

Detroit Flower House

A Woman Refreshes An Abandoned Home With Colorful Flowers

Patrick Dangermond

If you’ve ever been to Detroit or, at this point, ever talked to anyone that has been, you know that it’s full of abandoned houses. Places that have been abandoned that no one has any desire to go to or renovate.

The city itself has seen its population drop from 1.9 million people in 1950 to around 700,000 in 2013.

Instead of letting their city continue to fall into decline, some residents have taken it upon themselves to resurrect these broken houses and turn them into something beautiful.

Houses like this line many neighborhoods in the city of Detroit.186

Many are filled with trash and are literally falling apart.  240

Lisa Waud, who owns a floral design startup, is looking to change these houses into works of art. 437

 Waud purchased two properties that were abandoned in Detroit.


She filled one of them with thousands of flowers.436

She called the project the Flower House.  529

Waud wants to show the beauty of her city through flowers. 625

However, Waud doesn’t stop there. 


These houses are a step to rebuild the wonder of a city that has broken down over the years. 


Lisa has partnered with Reclaim Detroit, an organization that uses materials from vacant structures, to rebuild Detroit. 


She’s working on crowdfunding her project so that her and other florists can fill vacant properties with flowers. 


After the houses are filled with flowers, the homes will be torn down and the property will host a flower farm. 


It only takes one person to make change in a community. 


Crowdfunding is an incredible way to do something good for your community. 


Imagine the possibilities!


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