This Diver Gave A Seal A Belly Rub, Seal Begins Acting Like A Giant Puppy

This Diver Gave A Seal A Belly Rub, Seal Begins Acting Like A Giant Puppy

Erika Carter

Gary Grayson, a 55-year-old scuba diver from Salford, UK, had an incredible encounter while diving in 2014. He encountered a grey seal approach him in the water. Seals can be aggressive at times, but in most cases, they’re really just big, underwater dogs. Being approached by a seal might catch some novice divers off guard, but Grayson knew something special was going on.

Before he knew whether or not the seal was being playful or aggressive, the creature did something absolutely amazing. The seal began turning over, motioning for Grayson to give him a belly rub. It’s not exactly normal for water mammals to expect a human to do something like this, but this particular seal may have previously been treated to a light belly massage from a previous encounter with a diver.

Grayson explains the adorable encounter:

“This grey seal came across and had five minutes with me, kind of thing. Then another was climbing up my leg,” Grayson told M.E.N. “I’m an experienced diver but I have never known anything like that… I tend to live life on the edge. But this was certainly up there with anything I have ever done.”

Oh my goodness. If something like this were to happen to me, I might keel over and die from the cuteness overload.

What about you, would you oblige the seal with the belly rub, or would you swim away from sheer terror? Let us know in the comments!

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