She’s Making Her Very Own DIY Beach Bags! How Cute Are These?

She’s Making Her Very Own DIY Beach Bags! How Cute Are These?

Angela Markus

Summer is here and people everywhere are headed to the beach! A beautiful day at the beach would not be complete without a beach bag, but don’t spend all that money on those expensive bags. Make your own!

TheSorryGirls have done it again with this DIY Beach Bags tutorial! These bags are not only adorable, they’re durable and extremely practical. Everything you need for a fun day at the beach!

They use ¾ of a meter of fabric, fold the fabric into half with the right side facing in, and trace a rectangle 20” by 16”. Then she cuts the rectangle and stitches the two sides using a sewing machine.

Follow as she folds over the raw edges and sews a hem. Next, she folds the bag right side out and makes holes for grommets. Next she installs a grommet. She turns the bag wrong side out, pushes the grommet through a hole and places the smaller piece on top. Using a grommet hammering tool, she places the flat base underneath and the taller hammering piece on the top, holding the grommet in between. She uses a hammer to offer some solid taps to fasten, and finishes the rest of holes.

She then turns the bag right side out and grabs some rope. She inserts the rope through the holes on each side of the bag and ties a knot to keep in place. There you have it! Easy and fashionable!

But wait, there is another, easier way! She uses a plain canvas bag bought at Michael’s and sections it off with tape all around, making three rows. She then grabs some pink fabric paint and paints the bottom. She does the same with green fabric paint to create a watermelon effect. Next, she cuts a seed template, places on the bag, and paints it with black paint along the bottom. Once the paint is dry, she removes the tape. How cute is this?

But wait, there is even more! They’re showing us how to make DIY salt spray too!

Get a spray bottle, and use a gold-colored Sharpie to decorate the bottle. Add one teaspoon of sea salt, one teaspoon Epsom salt, ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil, one squirt of Moroccan oil, and Aloe Vera gel. Use hot water to fill the bottle up, and shake until all items have dissolved.

If this doesn’t get you excited to hit the waves, I don’t know what will!
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