Make Your Own DIY Black Light and Consider Yourself Cool

Make Your Own DIY Black Light and Consider Yourself Cool

Erika Carter

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could change the color of your phone’s flashlight? Well, look no further. Let the creative minds at JumbleJoy teach you how to create a black light using your phone and a few other supplies. The steps are super easy, in fact, I can’t believe nobody has thought of this yet!

In order to make this totally on the fly black light, all you need is your phone, a blue and purple sharpie, and a few pieces of scotch tape.

First thing you’re going to do, is take a small piece of clear tape and lay it over your phone’s flashlight bulb on the back of your phone. Then take your blue pen and color over the tape. Let the marker dry and repeat this step one more time. After the second go round of blue marker is dry, add another piece of tape and this time color over it using your purple marker.

Now it’s time to try it out! Turn off the lights and enjoy your totally groovy black light. Pretty cool, huh?

You can also use this to detect grim, dirt and other unsanitary substances that you may leave behind after cleaning. Gross, but so darn cool!

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