This DIY Sprinkle Stand Will Make Your Cake Look Even More Amazing

This DIY Sprinkle Stand Will Make Your Cake Look Even More Amazing

Angela Markus

In restaurants, how food is plated and presented is just as important as how it tastes. Home cooks aren’t under quite as much pressure to perform for their guests as top chefs, but plating still plays an essential role when cooking for family and friends, especially when a cake is involved. If you think presentation is important part of hosting, you will enjoy this DIY!

On his popular YouTube channel, Peter Brown labels himself as “a geek with a full set of power tools.” He shows us how to make everything from sliced wood clocks to crayon jewelry. He also has an interesting love affair with epoxy. In this DIY, she shows us how to make the best Candy-Sprinkled Cake Stand.

The items you need are cling wrap, a flat, springform pan, craft glue, epoxy resin (cast resin), sprinkles, a hairdryer, a round wooden block, and super glue.

Peter first applies tape to a cutting board, and then sticks tape to wooden circular mold. In a plastic jar, he then mixes part A and B of the epoxy well. After putting super glue on the instead of the wooden circle, he pours the epoxy inside of the wooden mold and adds festive sprinkles- a whole lot of them, much to his daughter’s dismay.

He then uses a hair dryer to dry the epoxy ensuring there are little to no bubbles, and leaves the project to dry overnight. After it had dried, he removed the mold and tape to reveal the serving platter. Next, he smoothes the edge (this step requires patience), and creates a bottom for which he sticks on.

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