These DIY Cookie Cutter Candles Will Make The Perfect Gift For Everyone This Holiday Season!

These DIY Cookie Cutter Candles Will Make The Perfect Gift For Everyone This Holiday Season!

Jamaica Bravo

We’ve finally reached our favorite time of year, the holidays! And that means everyone and their mother will be looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Save yourself some energy and cash and get crafty with this adorable, meaning craft anyone will love.

These DIY Cookie Cutter Candles are perfect for practically any occasion! Even better, you can customize them into any shape or scent you’d like! 


All you need to make the perfect gift is 1lb beeswax, candle wicks, parchment paper, 1 medium-sized pot, and 1 double boiler. 

Jumble Joy Pro Hack:  If you don’t have a double boiler, a round, metal 2-3” deep cake cooking dish, or a vegetable boiler with the holes covered with foil, will work just as well. Or, worse case scenario, if you still have none of these items at home, just pull a large mason jar out of your cabinet that is big enough for your 1 lb beeswax to fit inside. 

First, Set your pan on the stove, fill it with water to the midpoint and leave it to boil. Put your double boiler on top of your pan and place the stick of wax inside. Allow it to boil until it is fully melted.

Spread out a large sheet of parchment sheet paper on your counter (about 11” x 9”).

Jumble Joy Pro Tip: If you’re worried about your nice countertops at all, the wax is easy to remove after it dries, but can be a bit messy, so another option is to lay the parchment paper over a large metal cookie sheet with a lip to catch any drippage. If you want thicker candles, you may instead prefer to use a large glass dish with high sides, so that the wax will pool more.

Pour your liquidized wax on top of the parchment sheet in an even layer, and use your preferred cookie cutters to use your favorite cookie cutters to insert all the way down through the liquid wax, until you’re certain it’s hit the parchment paper.

While the wax is still hot, insert your candle wicks into the center of each cookie cutter candle, and allow the wax to harden around it.

Jumble Joy Pro Tip: We’ve found it’s easier to insert the wick when there is only a very thin layer of slightly warm wax in the cookie cutter to avoid burning ourselves, then pouring another layer of hot wax on top to fill the cookie cutter after.

Add a few drops of your favorite scented oil. Try different combinations that you think might smell amazing together!

After the candles have dried, remove gently with your fingers, or an oiled knife. We prefer to keep the candles inside the cookie cutters to make it safer.

Cut off any excess wick, so there is at least half and inch still standing above your wax!

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