Turn An Old Sweater Into An Adorable Pet Bed!

Pet Bed

Turn An Old Sweater Into An Adorable Pet Bed!

Erika Carter

Do you ever wish that you could give your furry friend a hug when you’re not home?

Well if you use this DIY project, you can! This project is simple and uses a sweater that you no longer wear.

Fido will feel safe and warm in his bed that smells just like you!

Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • Yarn
  • A large eye wool needle
  • Scissors
  • 1-2 old pillows
  • 1 well-snuggled sweater ready for up cycling

To begin, thread your large eye wool needle and close the sweater neck using a blanket stitch. Once you have reached the other side knot and cut off the extra thread. The neck of the sweater should still taut.

After finishing the neck, stitch a seam across the chest. Again, at the end knot and cut off the extra thread. One piece of aesthetic advice is to try and knot the extra thread on the inside of the sweater.

Once you have finished the stitching, stuff the upper and lower sections of the sweater with pillow batting (include stuffing the sleeves of the sweater). After finishing the stuffing, close the sweater waist using the blanket stitch that you previously used to close the neck in the first step. Knot and cut off the extra thread once you have finished.

Take both of the sleeves and insert one sleeve into the other. Proceed to stitch the sleeves together using the thread and eye wool needle, knot and cut off the extra thread.

Plump and adjust the batting that is inside the sweater to make a comfortable home for your pet. After plumping, flip the bed over and stitch the wait to the bottom of the sleeves. Flip the bed back over, plump, and gift your furry friend with a new cozy bed!

There you have it! The perfect bed for fido. SHARE the love and pass it on!