Make Your Very Own DIY Door Draft Guard

Make Your Very Own DIY Door Draft Guard

Angela Markus

Doors open and close all the time and, by their very nature, let air in and out of your home on a daily basis. But reducing the drafts that come from under is as important as sealing the air leaks in your windows. Fortunately, there is a variety of energy-saving options to choose from, like this DIY Door Draft Guard.

Meg Angela shows us how to make the As Seen On TV replica. She uses a noodle, an old sheet, and fabric glue. Seriously, that’s it! 

First she measures the length of the door using the noodle and cuts it. She recommends cutting the noodle a little longer than the door. She will also be using the other piece of the noodle for the other side of the door, but she ensures it is shorter than the initial measured piece.

She then cuts the fabric three inches away from the longest noodle. Then she measures the width of the door to determine how far apart the noodles will be. She cuts out the fabric, puts the noodles inside then places it under the door to determine where she is going to glue the fabric.

She makes a dotted line on the spot she is going to glue then gets to gluing. She glues the length of the fabric and only one width. That will allow her to slide her noodle in the other side easily. She then allows it to dry overnight.

She then cleverly applies Velcro to seal the open end of the draft guard as well as in the middle to keep it secured to the door. Voila! 

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