DIY Dresser To Vamp Up Your Style!

DIY Dresser To Vamp Up Your Style!

Jamaica Bravo


I have a love-hate relationship with DIY projects. Too often I find myself scrolling trough Pinterest pinning the most darling potential projects that read “It’s too easy!” But after much trial and error I realized I was only played a fool with a house smelling like smoke and so much time wasted. They’re usually fun ideas, but such a hassle to make!

That’s why I was so excited to come across this DIY Dresser craft that just screamed easy. The results are adorable and it’s actually a piece of cake to make!

She first starts off with a simple dresser that no longer looked good in her room.


She removes all of the drawers from the dresser…


And spray paints the dresser a color of her choice.


Then, she places lace over each drawer…


And spray paints them the color of her choice! (Deja vu?)


Once the paint is dry, she removes the lace very carefully.


It should look something like this.


Moving onto the knobs. Don’t worry about buying new ones. Just spray paint them the color of your choice!


Lastly, put it all together and watch a masterpiece fall into place. How adorable is this?! I bet this looked gorgeous in her room!


This is one DIY project you can pin and actually make!

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