Make Your Own DIY Duct Tape iPad Case

Make Your Own DIY Duct Tape iPad Case

Angela Markus

If you are anything like me, you love your tech devices. It’s nearly impossible to live without them nowadays. That’s why there’s nothing worse when they get beat up from all the falls and knocks they endure from all the hauling around.

To prevent those pricey repairs, try this  handy craft that’s cheap and protective, and oh-so cheap!

All you’ll need to make this Duct Tape iPad case is duct tape of different colors, patterned fabric, cushioned self-liner, scissors, self-adhesive Velcro, and your iPad of course.


Here’s what to do:

Place your iPad horizontally on the cushioned self-liner about a ½ inch from the edge of the fabric. Cut the liner, but ensure that you have one solid piece that will wrap around your device with a slight overlap. Cut the self-liner in one long piece. If you like, you can use a straight edge.


Next, get your fabric and use the piece of cut self-liner to determine the measurement of the fabric by placing the liner on the fabric. Cut the fabric about ½ inch from one corner.




Cut the fabric leaving a border of a ½ inch larger than the shelf liner. Lay your fabric on top of your shelf liner with the right side up. Flip the pieces over and fold the fabric edges to the back of the shelf liner. Use tape to attach the edges securely.


Stretch long strips of different color duct tape across the shelf liner side of your piece. To avoid a messy look, do not tear the strips. Cut them. The strips can hang over the sides slightly.




Now it is time to add the self-adhesive Velcro. Stick the Velcro to the top flap, directly in the center near the edge while keeping both sides stuck together. Then, wrap the piece around your iPad once more. Carefully adjust the design to where you would like the piece to overlap. You would want to press down firmly, and when it is pulled apart, the Velcro will be in place.


Seal both sides and add another element by sticking another color of duct tape to create a vertical border. You can get fancy by cutting bold shapes for a more “grown up” look.


Is this neat, or what?! Thanks, MASHABLE!

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