DIY Galaxy Candy Apple

DIY Galaxy Candy Apple

Jamaica Bravo

Ever wanted a treat that was just out of this world? All you’ll need is an apple, Jolly Ranchers, some edible glitter and a stick to make the ultimate dessert your kids will be begging you for. YouTube sensation ThreadBanger is revealing just how easy it is to create a Galaxy Candy Apple. (Don’t mind his french- he’s just really excited about his concoction.)

First, take an apple of your choice, clean it off and then insert your stick into the top center of the apple where the core would be. Set that aside, and take the wrappers off of your Jolly Ranchers. Use the grape flavored Jolly Ranchers since the deep purple will be sure to give you the closest thing to recreating a dark galaxy.

Then, put your pan of Jolly Ranchers into an oven set at 350 degrees and melt them down into a syrup. This should take you about 15-25 minutes.

Once they have melted, take out the pan and pour in your edible glitter. Once you’ve mixed it all in, make sure that you have your apple ready to go since the mixture will cool down very quickly. Dip your apple into your concoction and spin it around enough to coat your apple. Do not make it too thick, as it’ll drip down your apple and create random lumps.

If you find that your mixture is not glittery enough for you, don’t worry! You can take a thin coat of water with a paint brush and coat your apple with some extra glitter. And voila! You’ve just created the coolest candy apple your household has ever seen!

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