These DIY Gift Bags Are Easy and Fun!

These DIY Gift Bags Are Easy and Fun!

Angela Markus

When it comes to giving gifts, it seems there are protocols to be followed. But which ones should you use? Should you wrap your gift, because that keeps things really hidden? Should you put it in a gift bag, because they are incredibly beautiful? Or should you do both? It is nice to receive a carefully wrapped gift, but bags are a whole lot easier. After seeing this DIY, you will be making your gifts bagsĀ for the holidays.

You will need an envelope, a stamp with the design of your choice (this tutorial uses a tree), tape, scissors, and tissue paper.

She first gets a white envelope and seals it. Then with a stamp, she impresses pretty designs on the envelope. Here, she uses pretty tree designs. With a perforated scissors, she cuts off one end, and then folds the other sides to create creases. This will allow the envelope to open up the same way a gift bag would.

She then tapes the ends of the bottom to make creases on each side. She then adds a beautiful color tissue, and some candy.

This DIY is so easy and convenient, I am doing this from now on!

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