Spruce Up Your Dinner With These Fabulous DIY Glitter Glasses!

Spruce Up Your Dinner With These Fabulous DIY Glitter Glasses!

Angela Markus

The best thing about DIY projects is, well, everything! When you make items yourself, you choose projects based on your interests and tastes. You create them in your choice of colors, textures, and tailor them to your heart’s content. Whether you’re aiming for efficiency, decoration, fun, or self-sufficiency, there’s an excellent DIY project just waiting for you- this DIY Glitter Glass!

This is a fun DIY that is as glamorous as it is easy-to-make. She’s adding red glitter to her wine glasses, but you can change up the colors to your favorite colors or to match your décor. Stemless wine glasses are fancy as is, so imagine how the added glitz will enhance the look of the glass.

To complete this DIY, the list is simple. All you need is mod podge, glitter, a paint brush and a stemless wine glass.

Pour some mod podge into a dish and using the paintbrush, apply to the bottom half of the glass. Next, pour glitter liberally over the painted section of the glass. Let the glass dry overnight.

The next day, apply more mod podge over the glitter. Allow that to dry. You’ll have yourself the most fabulous wine glass before you know it! 

Isn’t this the prettiest thing you ever did see? 

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