Turn Your Favorite Soda Into A Phone Case With This Easy Hack

Turn Your Favorite Soda Into A Phone Case With This Easy Hack

Erika Carter

Phone cases should represent who you are as a person. The only problem is that they can oftentimes be insanely costly. Seriously, who wants to pay $50 for a phone case? No one.

Luckily, thanks to this awesome hack, now you can have an adorable phone case without all the unnecessary cost. In order to complete this Just DIY project, you’ll need the following:

-Favorite soda can

-A clear phone case that can be purchased from the dollar bin

-An Exacto knife




Step 1: Take your Exacto knife and cut off the top and bottom of the can. Then, using your scissors, cut down the middle, being careful not to interfere with any part of the design or logo.



Step 2: Lay the remaining square flat on a craft area and use your Exacto knife and a ruler to make sure that the edges are clean and not jagged.



Step 3: Turn the square over and place the phone cover on top. Use your exacto knife to cut around the camera lense and volume button area.


Step 4: Fold the square so that it fits the phone case and secure with adhesive tape. Be sure to cover any jagged edges with tape to prevent scratches.






Step 5: Brag to your friends about your almost free phone case!desktop-1440180981Love this DIY? Then, SHARE the love and pass it on!


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