Learn How To Make A Magnetic Sponge For Cleaning!

DIY Magnetic Sponge

Learn How To Make A Magnetic Sponge For Cleaning!

Sophia Gioiello

The hard-to-reach inside of narrow glasses and flower vases can be such a drag to try and clean. Sure you get the top sparkly clean with ease, but the bottom of the vase that is covered in germs from your old flowers is almost impossible to get to.

To solve this cleaning frustration, one DIY genius found the answer to this common problem. Simply take your everyday sponge and create a magnetic scrubber!

You can find these small magnets at your local hardware store and you can use the sponge of your choice. Cut the sponge in half and slice a hole in the center for your magnet.

You may need to use a small piece of thread to ensure that the magnet does not fall out. Then you can use your magnetic sponges to clean the inside of just about anything – flower vases, wine decanters, or even fish bowls!

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