Turn Your Mason Jars Into Charming DIY Lamps!

Turn Your Mason Jars Into Charming DIY Lamps!

Angela Markus

If you are like me, then you love mason jars. Fortunately for us, the fascination with these jars has evolved into a profusion of do-it-yourself craft items. Thanks to YouTube sensation Cortney Ewonus, we have yet another mason jar DIY project. This time we are making lamps!

There’s no limitation when it comes to mason jars and creativity! Just about anything can go into them, and there is a place for them in every room in the house. These lamps are old-school, rustic and fabulous. I use them for several purposes. My favorite drinking cup is a mason jar. Now my favorite lamp is about to be a mason jar. Awesome!

The designs in this video are great starting points for all crafters. You can recreate and customize the mason jar lamps to your liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and change up the colors of the decorations to more accurately reflect your mood or make bold statements.

To craft the first lamp, you will need a mason jar, a tea light, marble rocks and glue. Cortney removes the lid of the jar and sticks the marble rocks onto the jar. Simple right?

Cortney uses a tea light, lace and glue for her next design. She cuts strips of lace to fit around the jar and glues them.

The last design is an amazing beach-themed lamp. To replicate this lamp, you will need sea sand, shells and hemp string. First, Cortney sticks the hemp string creating an X shape. She continues attaching the string in a creative way all over the jar and sticks more hemp string around the rim. She then adds some sand and shells. She completes the design with the tea candle.

Magnificent! Why don’t you give it a try!

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