Here’s How To Make a Mason Jar Salt Shaker

Here’s How To Make a Mason Jar Salt Shaker

Angela Markus

It comes in all shapes and sizes. And although you might think that mason jars are a Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, it actually isn’t. They are everywhere. This DIY—mason Jar Salt shakers is one of the most clever use of the jar I have ever seen.

Mason jars are used for canning, but that’s not all. Many repurpose mason jars as lanterns and soap dispensers, tiki torches and iPod speakers. Mason jars are also used for storage of sugar, spices, candy, matches, cupcake liners, loose change, even at weddings. The crafts are endless. 

Thrifty Fun shows us how to make the best kitchen item since slice bread– a salt shaker!

Don’t throw that empty salt container away. Thrifty Fun suggests removing the top with the spout and cut it down to fit inside a mason jar ring! Now you can put all kind of things in the jar and easily pour out the amount you want.

For this DIY, you will need a salt container with a spout, a mason jar, the ring of am jar, and a box knife.

Using the box knife, carefully cut the top of the salt container. Using a pencil, trace around the mason jar to cut the top of the salt container to perfectly match the mason jar.

Use a knife to cut the traced circle, and trim to fit if necessary. Put the spout piece on top of the jar and screw on the mason jar ring. Now fill it with whatever you want. Preferably salt, sugar, even bulk seasonings, and or glitter and beads.

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