She Takes Old CDs And Turns Them Into Make Mosaic Plates!

DIY Mosaic Plate

She Takes Old CDs And Turns Them Into Make Mosaic Plates!

Bethany Burrows

Do you remember cassette tapes? I used to hate putting one in my cassette player only to discover that I had forgotten to rewind it! Nowadays you can’t find cassettes anywhere and most kids don’t even know what they are!

As technology progresses, more and more things that we used to rely on are becoming obsolete, I’d bet money that CD’s are probably next! But instead of tossing your old CD’s, give them a new purpose…like these adorable mosaic plates!

All you need to make your mosaic plates are CD’s, plastic plates, scissors, mod podge and glue! Cut your CD’s into small shapes until you have enough to cover a plate. Use glue to attach the pieces to the plate in a random pattern. Once your plate has been covered, use glue to fill in the spaces between the CD pieces, let it dry and then cover your whole plate with two final layers of mod podge. 

When your plate has dried you can use it as a jewelry tray, nail polish tray and so much more!

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