She’s Showing Us How To Curl Hair With Absolutely NO Heat

She’s Showing Us How To Curl Hair With Absolutely NO Heat

Jamaica Bravo

Every woman has been told at least once by her hair stylist to use heat sparingly to avoid damaged hair. It’s a real predicament, because there’s simply nothing that compares to having a fabulous hairstyle. Between dyes, straighteners and curling irons, we do tons of harm to our hair daily, but it’s ever so difficult to justify stopping any of these. Or at least, it was for me, until I discovered this trick. Now I can have full-bodied curls without destroying my precious locks and you can too! She calls them “Friar Tuck Curls” because while the curls are setting this method looks a bit reminiscent of Robin Hood’s trusty companion, Friar Tuck, from the classic tale, with that bald spot on the top of his head. But don’t worry, the end result, is completely worth looking a little bit silly overnight.

To perform the Friar Tuck method, you’ll need a headband and a bottle of sea salt spray, which can easily be found on Amazon for pretty cheap if they don’t sell it at your local beauty supply store. The model in the video prefers Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe brand, but any brand of sea salt spray will work just as well.

Begin with your natural air dry hair, combed free of tangles. Mist your entire head with the sea salt spray until it is evenly damp. Slide the headband over the top of your head so it sits like a halo above your ears, just below your bang-line. Separate your hair into fistful-sized clumps and wrap each section around the headband, tucking it under and around until all of your hair is curled around the headband. Wear the headband throughout the night while you sleep. In the morning, unwrap your hair from the headband, shake out the curls, and very lightly brush out any tangles. Finish off the look by spritzing your hair with a holding spray of your choice. The resulting curls are aboslutely gorgeous. I, for one, have absolutely no intention of every using a curling iron again.

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