Make Your Very Own DIY No-Wax Candles This Summer!

Make Your Very Own DIY No-Wax Candles This Summer!

Angela Markus

Who doesn’t love candles? During that time of year when the days are longer and the nights are shorter, being outdoors is one of our favorite things to do. Candles help to create a spectacular ambiance when hanging out with the family or that special someone.

In addition to illumination, candles are useful as vases for flowers, table decorations that can be customized in many ways, therapeutic assets when running a bath, and the much-needed bug repellant. Whatever the purpose, watch this tutorial to create DIY candles that are incredibly beautiful, easily made, and perfect for summer nights.

Luckily, the items needed to complete this project are not that hard to find. Also, if you or someone in your home is allergic to paraffin and substitute with expensive beeswax candles, this DIY offers a cheap alternative.

Lisa details the items that are needed for the project. Get some vegetable shortening or Crisco, heat safe containers such as bowls or soup cans, and candle wicks.

After Lisa cleans her favorite Frappuccino bottle, she sticks a wick tall enough to the bottom of the bottle. She then puts the Crisco to boil using a double boil method. She pours water into a pot and inserts a Pyrex measuring cup.

When the fat liquefies, she lets it sit until cool. She then adds dye to the liquid Crisco. Ensure that the dyes are not water soluble, they do not incorporate well. She suggests crayons as a creative alternative. How clever!

Then she adds scented candle fragrances and citronella oil (a bug repellent). Allow the candles to solidify for five hours or refrigerate for 35 minutes.

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