This Dollar Store Christmas Ornament Wreath Looks Like a Million Bucks!

This Dollar Store Christmas Ornament Wreath Looks Like a Million Bucks!

Angela Markus

At this very moment, many of you are busy decorating your homes for the festive season. One very necessary piece of décor is an ornamented wreath. The only problem is these wreaths can cost a kidney. But you do not need to expense yourself this season, try this DIY that will perfectly adorn your home.

From Aj’s Craft room comes the most beautiful and low-cost wreaths. She saw wreaths at the store and wanted to recreate them at home using dollar store items. To make one of these, you will need Christmas tree ornaments, wire coat hanger, and ribbon. That’s it!

The first thing AJ does is change the shape of the hanger to a more circular shape. After untwisting the hook area of the hanger, she starts adding the Christmas tree ornaments. She creates one wreath using red, 2 shades of blue and silver balls.

AJ makes sure to mention that she used balls that were unbreakable, and after placing a couple balls on the wire, they would just gather in one spot. Adding layers to the Christmas decoration.

The last step involves twisting the hanger back in place and adding a ribbon. This DIY is amazing for several reasons. First, it is absolutely gorgeous and looks like it came straight from the floor of Macy’s, and it is extremely inexpensive to create.

I am off to the dollar store right now!

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