Make a Super Secret Safe With Our Outlet For Less Than $3!

Make a Super Secret Safe With Our Outlet For Less Than $3!

Angela Markus

A secret safe is a necessity in every home. But rather than buying an expensive one at the store, you can make your own for less than $3!

Grant Thompson, The King of Random, shows us how to store our most prized possessions behind our home outlets. No one would ever suspect anything is in there when you see just how discrete he makes it look!

To make a 20 cubic inch safe, you will need 20 cubic inch electrical work box, and blank nylon wall plate. Optional items include a 15 watt duplex outlet, and matching wall plate.

To construct a 34 cubic inch secret safe, you will need a wall box, two 15 amp duplex outlet (white), and a jumbo duplex outlet wall plate.

Find a clean selection of wall around the house (maybe behind a coach), and use a stud finder to locate the areas between the studs. Once the perfect spot is located, measure the heights of existing outlets, but add half an inch. Line up the box to the bottom left corner of the marking and draw lines around the box.

Stick an envelope under the marking and cut with your tool of choice. When cutting the hole, the envelope will catch the shavings and would reduce cleanup time. Remember to cut carefully so no electrical wires are damaged.

When the wall is cut out, insert the blue box. It should fit perfectly. Insert screws in the four corners to secure the box in the walls. You can now put your treasures into the safe and seal up with the wall plate. How would anyone guess?

If the situation requires for immediate removal of the items, and no screw driver is available, you can use the prongs from a plug. It works perfectly.

If you need more space, you can use a double gang and complete the above instructions to complete. If you do not want to spend $3, you can find an unused cable jack and remove the plate. Inside should have enough room for you to store your valuables.

How cool is this?!

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