Make Your Very Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag! No Sewing Required!

Make Your Very Own Pencil Case and Makeup Bag! No Sewing Required!

Angela Markus

Let’s be honest, no one has time to get crafty during back-to-school season. From signing your little ones up for classes to buying school supplies, there’s hardly any time to bust out the scissors and glue. Here’s a great summer craft you can start early before the school bus starts honking outside your door. These DIY pencil holders are adorable and most importantly, easy to make. You’re going to love this project.

Let’s get started!

The first design requires a piece of fabric that is 15” wide, 10” long. Upholstery fabric is recommended because of its durability. Get a nine inch zipper. If you are using glue, Aleene’s permanent fabric glue works best.

Turn the fabric wrong side up, fold in half inch of fabric on the end of each side, and iron to hold in place. Place zipper in the center, right side facing up, and glue each folded edge to the zipper. After gluing, open the zipper and let the design dry for an hour before moving on to the next step. Turn the fabric inside out, to glue the right sides of the fabric together. Allow at least an hour drying time. Turn the design to the right side and there you have it.

For the second design, you will need to get another piece of fabric 15” long, 10” wide and fold a half inch inward on both sides which can be ironed to stay in place. Place a zipper in the middle and sew the right side of the zipper to the right side of the fabric. Turn the fabric inside out and fold the side in on both sides. You can use a pin to keep in place. Sew both sides straight down and turn to right side. Viola!

The third design is very similar to the other designs in the way it is set up. Get fabric with the dimensions 16” long by 10.5” wide, and fold in a half inch at each end. Sew or glue a zipper on, by placing in the middle and attaching both sides. Unzip and turn the fabric inside out, after which you can sew or glue the sides together. Fold the edges of fabric and sew. Turn inside out and you have created another masterpiece.

You can also use these bags for makeup, coins and so much more! Happy crafting!

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