Make Your Own DIY Phone Case As Cute As This One!

Make Your Own DIY Phone Case As Cute As This One!

Angela Markus

As important as our cell phones are to us, its cases are just as necessary. Replacing or repairing a new smartphone could be quite as costly, including those supposedly durable phone cases. Here is a DIY we all can enjoy—Cell Phone Cases.

Ann Le of Anneorshine shows us how to use inexpensive items to create the best cases ever.

Ann suggests buying some solid, basic phone cases as well as some clear colored cases that can be found on Ebay for cheap. The rest of the supplies can also be found on Ebay. You will need scrapbook paper, stickers, rhinestones, paper flowers, and a jewelry pendant. Add to the list Mod Podge, E6000 glue, and clear gloss spray paint.

She first shows us how to make a flower power design. She cleans the case with rubbing alcohol, and then sticks the flowers onto the case with the E6000 glue. Simple, but fabulous.

Up next, she shows us her Paparazzi design. On a basic white case, she sticks her jewelry pendant, gems and other embellishments for a glammed up look.

She then shows us her cute arrangements. She uses a printout of a pineapple and then cuts out the image. After cleaning the case with rubbing alcohol, she sticks the image with mod podge and covers with the gloss paint for a beautiful finish. This will require at least a day to dry. She also shows us how to create cases using stickers. Simply clean the cases and apply the stickers. She then sprays with a clear coat of the gloss paint.

For an interchangeable look, she uses the scrapbook paper to cut out measurements of the phone case.

I love how this DIY is so simple yet very fashionable!

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