How To Make Pom Poms From Yarn

How To Make Pom Poms From Yarn

Angela Markus

Winter is around the corner and what is a knitted winter hat without a pom pom? Rachel Nielsen from Adventures of a DIY Mom is known for her nifty crafts and after this tutorial, you will be making pom poms of any size and all colors.

The supply list is simple. You’ll need yarn, scissors, and most important, your fingers.

First, place the end of the yarn on your fingers, and depending on the size you want, use two, three or four fingers to wrap the yarn around your fingers. The more you wrap the fuller the pom pom will be. Try not to wrap it too tightly or you might lose fingers.

Next, cut the yarn and then cut a piece that is about 12 inches long. No need to measure, just ensure it is long enough to tie around the yarn and have some excess. Then, insert the end of the yarn between your fingers.

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Pull it through the other side, and use a scissors to push the yarn through. You now have the piece of yarn on one side of the pom pom. Next, wrap the yarn around through the tips of the fingers and tie the beginning of a knot. Be sure to pull this tight.

Carefully slide the yarn off of your fingers, and pull the yarn tight, finishing off with a knot. Make sure it is secure.

Now, cut your yarn. Slide your scissors into the loops and cut. Do this all the way around the pom pom. As you are doing this, be sure to keep your long pieces out of the way. You will want these long pieces to hang the pom pom with.

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Finally, just give it a trim, so it doesn’t look too scraggly.

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How to Make Pom Pom

Isn’t this craft so fun?

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