She’s Making Her Own DIY Rock Necklace at Home and It’s Darling. Learn How To Make Yours Here!

She’s Making Her Own DIY Rock Necklace at Home and It’s Darling. Learn How To Make Yours Here!

Angela Markus

If you don’t want to throw away all those rocks you spent so long collecting, you don’t have to! This craft proves you can take anything as simple as a rock and turn it into something amazing! If you want to upcycle that stone collection you’ve accumulated over time and create jewelry with a personal touch for yourself or for a loved one, try this DIY Rock Necklace! It is quick, easy, and fashionably fabulous!

What you’ll need to get started is a wire; the thinner the wire the better. The girls are using 24-gauge. The other items you’ll need are pliers, a chain with or without clasps. Most importantly, you’ll need a darling stone or rock.

She starts by wrapping the wire around the stone. She makes a loop and places the skinny end of the stone into the loop. She hints that this method ensures the stone does not fall out of the wire. Then she wraps the wire around the stone creatively, a couple of times until it is secure. Then, she crosses the two end pieces and twists them together with the pliers to securely tightly. She uses the pliers to create a loop with the wire and cuts the excess.

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Depending on the size and form of the rock or stone, it may require more wrapping. The other young lady demonstrates how to make a gorgeous necklace with a solidified piece of lava. The piece only requires wrapping at the top. Whatever the stone may be, ensure the wire is tightly wrapped around it. Don’t forget to make a loop!

She then attaches a chain to the stone by passing it through the loop created at the top of the stone. She shows how to attach it with a chain without a clasp. She opens a jump ring and attaches the clasp with pliers. The girls explain that if the chain does have a clasp, simply run through the chain. Super easy and chic!

Make one for yourself or your favorite person! They’d love it!

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