Make DIY Slime For The Kids Without The Use of Borax. It’s Fun and Non-Toxic!

Make DIY Slime For The Kids Without The Use of Borax. It’s Fun and Non-Toxic!

Angela Markus

Want a perfect play-date activity? This video will show you how to create rainbow colored slime without the use of borax.

You will need liquid starch, Elmer’s school glue, and food coloring. Add glue to a bowl. You can use two ounces of glue for each color. Add coloring to the glue and mix together. Because this recipe is making different colors, add your color of choice to each two ounces of glue and mix well. Next, add a quarter cup of liquid starch to the mixture. Pour in liquid starch a little at a time. You can add a quarter cup at a time and mix.

Once the starch starts to bond with the glue, you can mix together with your hands. Add the rest of your starch and knead as though you would knead bread dough. As you go, the mixture will get more of a slimy texture and less sticky. Once all of the liquid starch is incorporated, the mixture will feel gooey. Similar to a rubbery, elastic-type texture.

Set aside the first batch, and complete the process with approximately four more colors. Some suggestions; yellow, green, blue, and purple. On a flat surface, mix all of the colors together, and watch how the colors blend to form a rainbow.

This activity is a great to do with the kids. They will be entertained for hours as they become amused by the colors, and touch, and create a plethora of different shapes and forms.

Moms, don’t feel left out from all of the fun. You can create a glamourous slime for yourselves. Just add some metallic paint and glitter as the coloring to the glue mix with liquid starch, and there you have it. Some shiny fun for your pleasure. Get crafty and have lots of fun with the little ones!

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