Re-Do A Simple Window Or Door With This Stained Glass Tutorial!

Re-Do A Simple Window Or Door With This Stained Glass Tutorial!

Angela Markus

Stained glass can take a simple door layout and make it elegant. Although many people commonly associate stained glass windows with churches or traditional cottages, they can in fact add brightness and beauty to any house or apartment.

Unlike standard glass windows, stained glass offers a non-traditional look and can help provide visual interest in any space. However, they are also more expensive to purchase and install, so you should take that into consideration when planning to add it to your home.

Dorrie from Simple Southern Charm is here to help. She shows us how to create the most exquisite stained glass door for cheap. She used three bottles of Gallery Glass. Two of the bottles were large, and one was smaller. She also used some self-adhesive leading and liquid leading.



Dorrie applies the gallery glass liberally to the windows and uses her fingers to finger paint. After several hair-pulling attempts, she realized her hands were the best tool. She swirled the paint around the middle and then with 3 fingers, she pounced the entire pane to achieve a ripple effect.



Once the glasses were dried, she applied self-adhesive leading details. She added leading to the angles for a fascinating look. The result is as perfect as the expensive version in the store.





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