Make Your Very Own DIY Toilet Paper Git Box This Christmas!

Make Your Very Own DIY Toilet Paper Git Box This Christmas!

Jamaica Bravo

You know that awful moment, when you realize you’ve bought the cutest gift card or piece of jewelry to give to a loved one or friend, only to get home and find you have nothing suitable to wrap it in? You may not have time to run out again, or the money to buy a bunch of tiny gift boxes, so luckily, we have a pretty cute DIY solution for you! You can turn an old toilet paper roll into a little gift box that will look as if it’s not handmade.

To make your gift box, just press the toilet paper roll flat, and if the edges do not look nicely creased from just using your fingers, try using the spine of a book to press a nice flat edge into the cardboard. Then, gently fold in the edges near the opening, to form a concave, rounded edge on each side. (Tip: The crisper the creases look, the less homemade this little gift box will appear.)

Then, just take some decorative wrapping paper or holiday ribbon, and cut it to fit nicely over the body of the toilet paper roll. This will cover up any of the markings on the cardboard that could identify it as a used toilet paper roll. Tape this firmly around the roll. To hide evidence of the tape, you can either roll your tape and place it underneath the edge of ribbon or wrapping paper, or for an even more professional look, you can use a hot glue gun.

Then just slide your gift inside, with a bit of tissue paper, if necessary. Wrap the entire thing closed with another thinner piece of ribbon. If you want a clean, crisp look, just wrap the box once, tightly, to keep it closed, and with your rolled tape or hot glue gun, fix the thin ribbon in place. You may also want to try a cute bow with curled edges or to put a premade bow on top. Feel free to get creative with this little box and let us know if you come up with any great looks in the comments section below!

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