She’s Boiling Her Toothbrushes To Make The Cutest Bracelets!

She’s Boiling Her Toothbrushes To Make The Cutest Bracelets!

Jamaica Bravo

Accessories are so necessary to creating a truly fashionable look. Whether it’s earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets, just a little bit of additional glimmer or accent color can really go a long way. But it seems like jewelry is just getting more and more expensive these days, and on top of clothes prices doing the same, how is a girl supposed to pull off trendy looks without breaking the bank?

Katrina Sherwood, from Youtube’s beauty blog Katrinaosity,  just posted an ingenious way to make your own pretty plastic bracelets with something you already have around the house but usually just throw out when they get old, your colorful plastic toothbrushes!

Reconsider throwing them out next time around. Instead, turn them into cool, chunky, acrylic bracelets! As she says, “they’re bright and colorful,” and now that 1980’s throwback styles are all the rage, we’re pretty convinced, that even if you don’t love these bracelets yourself, you either have, or personally know a teenager who will! They’re great for combining into different assortments for school outfits or even for concerts where neon everything and colorful lights are “the thing”.

Even better, they’re a piece of cake to make! Check it our for yourself!

Would you wear something like this?

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