Make Your Own Adorable Vertical Garden

Make Your Own Adorable Vertical Garden

Angela Markus

Winter is in full swing, but you no longer have to feel the blues associated with not being able to enjoy the fresh greens from your summer garden. Instead, consider growing indoors! Not only do plants cleanse your household air and improve the aesthetics of any indoor space, but they can also provide your family with a wealth of yummy, organic foods.

To make a fantastic vertical garden like the one created by SuzelleDIY, you will need empty plastic bottles, a box cutter, scissors, hammer, nail, grip ties, hand gardening tools, pebbles, soil, a selection of the plants you wish to grow, and a trellis.

First, cut the bottles in half and use the box cutter to make a cut on each side. Take a grip tie and insert into each cut, then hammer holes in the bottle cap for drainage. Place the top part of the bottle upside down in the other half of the bottle. Then throw in the pebbles and soil and insert your plant.

You will then hand the bottles on your trellis, one below the other. This do-it-yourself project makes it easier to incorporate different types of plants, veggies, and aromatics into the home.

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