This DIY Fabric Wrap Will Help Relax Your Anxious Dog

This DIY Fabric Wrap Will Help Relax Your Anxious Dog

Angela Markus

Sadly, anxiety and fear-related disorders are relatively common in our furry little friends. While some owners know exactly what that fear might look like, others do not.

Sometimes anxiety can be difficult to recognize because it’s early signs are often subtle, and most behaviors associated with anxiety can be normal in different contexts. If your dog has problems with stress and anxiety, there is something quite simple that can help.

An anxiety wrap helps to calm dogs by reducing their nervousness, fear of thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or fear of smaller animals. You can usually buy the product, or you can create one at home with this simple DIY.

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You need a piece of fabric, and you will start at the neck. Cross at the withers, and bring it to the tummy area, cross again and bring it back over. Tie a knot on you dog’s back away from the spine. This easy wrap helps your furry friend feel safe and comforted!

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If you aren’t sure whether your dog has been exhibiting signs of anxiety, you can research the genetic disposition and look at its medical records. Unfortunately, some rescue dogs have a history of abuse and usually asking the shelter for its history can offer some insight.

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With this wrap, your dog will be on the road to recovery!

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