How To Make A Lamp Shade Using Yarn!

How To Make A Lamp Shade Using Yarn!

Bethany Burrows

If you thought that the only things you can make with yarn are sweaters and socks, you were SO wrong!

Over at MADE Everyday there are some amazing things happening with yarn that you are going to be dying to try!

Dana turned a spool of yarn and an inflated ball into a lamp shade that looks super chic. All you need is yarn, glue and a ball in any size of your choice. 

After marking off openings on your ball for your light, it’s time for the fun part! Dilute your glue with some water and plop your yarn ball right in. Begin wrapping your ball in the glue covered yarn until it’s completely covered.

It will need about two days to dry, but when it’s done it looks INCREDIBLE! Add a light fixture to your lampshade and voila! Your friends won’t believe you made this awesome lampshade – all by yourself! 

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