Patient is Awarded $500,000 After He Accidentally Records His Doctor Talking Garbage

Patient is Awarded $500,000 After He Accidentally Records His Doctor Talking Garbage

Angela Markus

Going to the doctor can be intimidating, especially when you are told more tests are required for proper diagnosis. And unfortunately for the patient in this video, they experienced a lot more than a scheduled colonoscopy.

A Virginia patient was in for a rude awakening when he unintentionally recorded his own colonoscopy. What he heard were disturbing and abusive comments made about him while under anesthesia.

The patient was being proactive by turning on the recorder on his phone so he could properly record post-op instructions. The phone was placed in a bag, under the table with the rest of his belongings. When the patient woke up, he heard a whole lot more than he had bargained for. The anesthesiologist Dr. Tiffany Ingham was recorded making some brutal comments about the patient while knocked out cold.

As bold as she wanted to be, the doctor told the sedated patient that she wanted to “punch him in the face” after talking to him for five minutes in pre-op. Apparently, the patient asked too many questions before the procedure. Doctor Ingham went on to joke about avoiding a penile rash on the patient, calling it “tuberculosis of the penis.” Her derogatory comments went on to mock the patient when he mentioned wanting to become a surgeon even though he felt queasy at the sight of being poked by the needle. Her bothered response, “Well why are you looking then, retard.”

The doctor did the unthinkable by marking a diagnosis that was not found according to her admission. The last laugh, however, belonged to the patient. A jury awarded him $500,000 for malpractice, defamation of character and punitive damages.

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