He Doesn’t Need Hands To Play The Piano, This Little Boy Plays With His EYES!

He Doesn’t Need Hands To Play The Piano, This Little Boy Plays With His EYES!

Ashley Rego

Always on top of the latest technology, the Japanese University of Tsukuba, along with technology company, FOVE, have created a novel invention that is absolutely groundbreaking; particularly for disabled people who have a fond love of music. ‘Eye Play The Piano’ is the latest Japanese creation that allows disabled people with constricted use of their limbs to use only their EYES to move those black and white keys!

Resembling a virtual reality head set, a user simply places the goggles over their eyes. Placed before them are different pictures that represent each note on a keyboard. Thanks to incredibly high tech capabilities, these goggles are able to track eye movements that then transfer over to a physical electric piano. Who could have ever imagined that people would one day be able to play the piano without the use of their arms or hands?!

The video below shows Kota Numajiri, a young high schooler, being able to play the role in his school’s Christmas concert that he has only ever been able to dream of – lead piano player. Using the innovative Eye Play the Piano system, he is able to do something he never thought he would be able to do, and the results are beautiful! 

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