This Dog Chased An Ambulance For Blocks, Knowing That His Owner Is Inside

Dog Chases Ambulance

This Dog Chased An Ambulance For Blocks, Knowing That His Owner Is Inside

Erika Carter

In this video which can show you just how loyal and loveable dogs can really be, you can see that they will go to almost any length when their human is in trouble.

When Spikes owner had a seizure that ultimately lead to him needing a hospital visit, this pooch was not waiting for him to return. He started following the ambulance carrying his beloved owner for what seems like blocks.

You could tell this poor pup was getting a little restless from all the running he was doing.

Even though this video is in Spanish you can tell that they are debating on letting him in. Finally the crew inside the ambulance finds that they should let him in rather than have him keep following behind and possibly hurt himself.

After the release of this video the crew spoke with a local Brazil newspaper and said that once they let Spike come inside the ambulance his owner started to speak to them.

The hospital even allowed Spike to stay with him while he was in the emergency room awaiting medical attention. The man did not suffer any injuries and was not in any danger so the hospital released him a little while later with Spike by his side.

This video shows you that you don’t have to be rich with money or friends to be rich with love. Most people do not truly get to see how much their pet’s love them, but I’d say in this case there is no denying the love Spike has for his human. I think we would all love to know that both Spike and his owner are doing well now. SHARE the love and pass it on!