Dog Covers Newborn Baby With Blanket and Mom Gets It on Film!

Dog Covers Newborn Baby With Blanket and Mom Gets It on Film!

Angela Markus

We know that dogs are a man’s best friend, but it seems they have a particular attachment to babies, too. I love how most dogs go immediately into protective mode from the moment the newborns come home from the hospital. This cute display of affection shows that they can also make babies very comfy if they sense there is a need to.

Getting babies to go to sleep can be a challenge, but luckily for these parents, they have help from an extra set of hands, or maybe the better term should be an additional set of paws. This furry babysitter has got this little baby all covered.

When mom puts her brand new bundle of joy on the sofa for a daytime nap, the family pet quickly assessed the situation and responded appropriately. Using his mouth, the dog fixes the blanket ensuring the baby is perfectly covered. He even tucked in at the sides. He wants the baby to be perfectly comfortable, and when he thinks his job is over, he goes on about his business. This has to be the most incredible display of true friendship that I have ever seen.

And if watching this clip makes you wish you had a little more childcare help, just head over to ASPCA and find a canine nanny of your own in need of a home.

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