Dog Cries When They Drop His Buddy Off at School

Dog Cries When They Drop His Buddy Off at School

Angela Markus

Well, it’s pretty clear who this little pup’s favorite is! Dogs have a unique chemistry with humans, and there is no debating. Dog owners identify their dog as a family member reflecting social compatibility between the two species. In turn, dogs develop strong bonds. There are hundreds of videos of dogs curling up with their humans and even more of dogs and their owners reuniting. Each one warms the heart. Here is another that shows a powerful bond.

Many of us might remember that dreadful feeling of despair that comes with watching your mom or dad exit the school gates and disappearing for what seemed like forever; even though it was probably 6 hours. Dixie can surely relate. The difference she is not the one being dropped off.

She can’t quite get used to the idea of separating from her one and only buddy. After reacting the same way quite religiously, mom decided to capture the sad moment on camera. The adorably sensitive pooch’s gloomy morning routine is awe-invoking. When her bud leaves the car, Dixie cries for a while, moving back and forth on the back seat. Mom clearly knows the routine and does her best to comfort her. It is only until she goes to the front of the truck that she seems to calm down.

This is heartbreaking. Does your furry little friend cry when you leave?

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