Rescue Pup Dances To Accordion

Rescue Pup Dances To Accordion

Angela Markus

It is important to note that what you are about to see is not fake, it is just hilariously funny. Like anyone, when your favorite jam comes on, it can be really difficult to fight the urge to dance. Whether you are sitting at your desk at work or walking through an aisle at the grocery store, it’s almost impossible to resist grooving along, at least a little bit!

As it would seem, human beings are not the only ones with that urge. Just watch Nathan, this Chinese crested pup. This grandma has live concerts on her porch where she whips out her accordion and performs for her darling audience: a pack of dogs. Donning a chic hat and concert dress, she plays some sweet tunes for her pups. While the accordion might not be everyone’s favorite instrument to listen to, these pups seem to really love it, especially the one doing all of the charismatic moves on the right.

The dogs are all residents at the Bald Is Beautiful rescue, which specializes in hairless and small breed pups in need. Although the organization does not discriminate on breeds coming into the rescue, it is known as a Chinese Crested rescue. The pups that live at Bald Is Beautiful get a second chance at an awesome life, including concerts like this one! While other members of the crowd sit quietly enjoying the songs, there is that little guy who can’t help but get down.

This will be the funniest thing you see all week.

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